NVIDIA’s artificial intelligence artist GauGAN now understands!

NVIDIA’s artificial intelligence artist GauGAN continues to envy painters with its presence. It can transform even the simple drawings we make on Paint into a real oil painting drawing or a photograph in seconds.

The company has published a blog post for people who are curious about the developments on the subject. Here GauGAN He talked about his recent developments. Moreover, the features gained by giving the good news that the system has been upgraded were introduced.

The USA is involved in Nvidia’s ARM process

The USA was also involved in Nvidia’s purchase of ARM. Nvidia aimed to alleviate concerns by making a statement about the situation.

GauGAN can now respond to words!

NVIDIA artificial intelligence application GauGAN 2 He said that a few words are now all it takes to create a thousand-word picture. In this way, nowsunset at the beach” or “a rocky sunset on the beachIf you can explain it with a few words like ”, he will take care of the rest.

GauGAN The deep learning model behind it actually represents imagination. For this reason, he can create a masterpiece in a few seconds from the picture or word he sees. To complicate things if you want “sunset, afternoon” or “rainy dayYou can ask him to push the limits of his imagination with a little less information like ”.

With just the push of a button, users can create a segmentation map, a high-level outline showing the location of objects. They can then move on to drawing. In this way, you can choose what you want by using labels such as sky, tree, rock and river. to GauGAN they can tell.

GauGAN 2’s conclusion on the words “undulating shore – cliffs”

While using the application, you can create a starting point and continue from it. E.g a snow-capped mountain you will make it create an outline. Later on foggy weather, sunny sky and Trees You can direct it to the side you want by advancing through patterns such as:

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