NVIDIA CEO Disagrees With ‘Nvidia Killer’ Thought

NVIDIA’s CEO, Jensen Huang, said he was not impressed by AMD’s new card, the Instinct MI250X, ignoring the notion that this card is the ‘NVIDIA killer’.

Produced with the new AMD CDNA 2 architecture introduced by AMD Instinct MI200 series accelerators dazzle the eyes with a remarkable performance by providing a 4.9 times advantage compared to their competitor products. AMD Instinct MI200 series accelerators also include the AMD Instinct MI250X, the world’s fastest high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) accelerator.

The MI250X, which is produced by AMD, one of NVIDIA’s biggest competitors, and located in the Instinct MI200 series, frightened NVIDIA was thought. However, NVIDIA CEO Huang, who made a statement on the subject, ‘NVIDIA killer’ He said that they are not worried about this series, which is seen as a series, and that the same issue comes to the fore every year.

“It’s nothing new, we’re not worried”

Forrest Norrod, Senior Vice President and General Manager of AMD Data Center and Embedded Solutions Business Group, stated that the series aims to significantly shorten the time between initial hypothesis and discovery in scientists’ research by delivering leading HPC and AI performance.AMD Instinct MI200 series accelerators, to solve the world’s most complex problems The most advanced data center GPUs ever, delivering exceptional performance for supercomputers and data centers‘ he had stated.


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The MI200 series, which was appreciated by many experts, and the Instinct MI250X in this series were thought to have scared NVIDIA, but NVIDIA CEO Huang said that the comments about the new series could be NVIDIA’s killer are not new. they are not worried stated. Huang said on the subject, “First of all, we always have competition. It’s not true that this is the first so-called NVIDIA killer to appear. Every year the thought of an NVIDIA killer pops up, people call it that, it’s nothing new” said.

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