NVIDIA and Google Against Microsoft-Activision Acquisition

NVIDIA and Google have announced that they are concerned about Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision. Thus, another obstacle appeared in front of the realization of the Microsoft-Activision acquisition.

Activision Blizzard in January 2022 $68.7 billion Microsoft, which has reached an agreement to purchase, has not yet completed this purchase. Although the authorities in most countries around the world approved the purchase, the US Department of Commerce and Sony were opposed to this purchase.

Sony has been the company that has made the most noise against Microsoft in the industry so far, and according to new news, two more giant names have started to take their place on the side of Sony. Bloomberg, NVIDIA, and Google too you are worried about the purchase Wrote.

NVIDIA and Google are also afraid of Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision:

According to Bloomberg’s report, NVIDIA and Google, to the Federal Trade Commission expressed concern about the purchase. One of these concerns was, of course, that the competitive environment would be damaged.

According to the information provided by the sources, the two giant companies stated that with the acquisition, Microsoft will gain an unfair advantage in the cloud, subscription and mobile game sector. On the other hand, NVIDIA’sto equal and open games” emphasized the need, but did not directly oppose the purchase.

What was Microsoft’s response to all these objections?

Microsoft has said it is open to considering concerns, especially during tensions with Sony, and even Nintendo and Steam had reached an agreement with Call of Duty to broadcast on their platforms for 10 years. This deal was also offered to Sony.

The US Department of Commerce also opposed the purchase and announced that it would file a lawsuit:


Statement from the US Department of Commerce That Makes It Say “Did Sony Print This”: Microsoft Will Sue For It Can’t Buy Activision!

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