Norman Reedus Confirms Death Stranding 2’s Future

Famous actor Norman Reedus, who plays the leading role in Hideo Kojima’s popular game Death Stranding, made statements that will excite the fans of the game. Reedus stated in his interview that they started the second game.

Action and adventure game developed by Kojima Productions, founded by Hideo Kojima, who has been serving in the game industry for many years. Death Stranding, It has been spoken since the day it was released in 2019 and has been appreciated by gamers.

As we shared with you, we know from The Walking Dead series. by Norman Reedus It has been talked about for a while that the sequel of the game, in which he played the leading role with the character of Sam Porter Bridges. Now, the news has confirmed these rumors to some extent and revealed that the game is under development.

Norman Reedus announces they’re starting a sequel

Speaking to Leo Magazine, Norman Reedus glossed over the future of the second game while answering a question about Death Stranding. Explaining that bringing the character in the game to life with the motion capture technique is a two-three-year difficult process, Reedus said in his statements:we started to do the second‘ he also stated.

This statement of Reedus confirmed that the sequel to the popular game of Hideo Kojima, which was awarded an important award in Japan in the past months, will come, although not officially. In addition, there is no statement from Kojima for the sequel at the moment; but one of the biggest gaming events of the year, of Summer Game Fest we can state that the fact that it will be held next month strengthens the possibility of the promotion being made soon.


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