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Tom Stokes, a Cardano stake pool operator, suggested that half of altcoin nodes are offline. However, ADA Whale said that this statement does not fully reflect the truth. What happened in the background of the event?

The nodes of the altcoin project are off-line!

A report on Cardano has surfaced online after Tom Stokes, the co-founder of Node Shark and a Cardano staking pool operator, suggested that half of Cardano nodes were offline hours ago. Tom Stokes shared the following on Twitter:

A few hours ago, more than half of all Cardano nodes went offline. This is why decentralization is important. As we reported, this post of Tom Stokes angered Cardano fans. The Cardano fan, nicknamed ADA Whale, was tough on Stokes and said:

Accordingly, Cardano is the most popular cryptocurrency in 6 countries (4 in Africa). It seems that he is especially hated in Sweden, which loves Ethereum, and is hated in many places. You just know that Eric Wall and his obnoxious presence here distorted that.

According to the network sync graph posted by Tom Stokes, network sync suddenly dropped from 100% where it usually is, to just over 40% for over 300 reporting nodes early Sunday. According to Stokes’ chart, network sync returned to about 87% right after the drop. A high-performance network is indicated with an original network sync rate of 100%. Meanwhile, the reason for the sudden network outage is not yet known.

In the meantime, it was stated in the claim that the affected nodes were ‘public’, while ‘private’ nodes remained online. However, ADA Whale, a Cardano-focused Twitter account, refuted the report that half of the nodes are offline. In response to one user, ADA Whale said, “No, it’s not true. Block production continued but slowed for a few minutes, the network did what it was supposed to. There are no private nodes in Cardano,” he said.

Cardano is known as one of the most stable networks

The Cardano node is the core component that underpins the Cardano network. Simply put, a Blockchain network is a collection of interconnected nodes, all working together to verify transactions and create blocks using consensus. Staking pools use the Cardano node to verify how the pool interacts with the network. It is also responsible for transaction processing and block generation.

IOG’s blog post on timely processing states that it takes time to synchronize time over a network of nodes. This is because time can sometimes jump back and forth for a few seconds or even hours. Cardano has continued to run smoothly for more than five years despite many periods of extreme high load. Hence, it has maintained its reputation as one of the most stable networks in the cryptocurrency industry.

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