No Christmas markets, bars and discos for everyone too – Bavaria is tightening corona restrictions

Representatives of the German economy have welcomed the extension of the Corona economic aid until the end of March 2022. The Central Association of German Crafts also warned on Friday that the continuation must apply to all support instruments, including the special regulations for guarantee banks and the possibility of tax deferrals. The left would have liked an extension of the aid until the summer. “Because uncertainty is poison for the economy,” said Christian Görke, financial expert of the left parliamentary group in the Bundestag. In addition, there are still glaring funding gaps for bridging aid.

The acting minister of economics, Peter Altmaier, welcomed the decision of the federal-state conference. “I am pleased that yesterday’s Prime Minister’s Conference followed my suggestion to extend the Corona economic aid until the end of March 2022.” According to the CDU politician, aid to the economy of around 126 billion euros has been granted since the crisis began in spring 2020 been. In addition, there is the short-time work allowance of around 40 billion euros.

Of the Reiseverband DRV spoke of a good and right decision. “The crisis for the travel industry is not over yet, nor is it foreseeable,” said DRV President Norbert Fiebig. The extension creates planning security “and is an important signal for job security in the travel industry with its almost three million employees in Germany”.

The federal and state governments decided on Thursday that particularly stressed companies should receive economic aid longer in the Corona crisis. The federal government is extending the bridging aid III Plus, which was previously limited to the end of the year, until the end of March 2022. Regulations on short-time work and the restart aid for self-employed persons are also to be extended.

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