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Nissan is taking an important step towards a sustainable future with the highly anticipated and all-new e-POWER technology. Nissan X-Trail and Qashqai with Nissan’s e-POWER technology entered the Turkish market. These vehicles, with their unique dynamics, make a difference at every stage of the electric driving experience and meet the needs of their drivers. Nissan X-Trail e-Power review with you.

Nissan X-Trail e-Power review!

Creating a unique electric power transmission system for a more sensitive, more efficient and quieter drive, e-POWER offers an electric driving experience without the need for external charging. Exclusive to Nissan and a key component of the company’s Intelligent Mobility strategy, the e-POWER system takes a unique approach to electrification, making everyday driving both enjoyable and efficient.

The most important point that distinguishes this powertrain from its competitors is that the electric motor is the only power source for the wheels, and therefore it responds instantly and linearly to the demands of the driver. In this way, e-POWER completely eliminates the shortcomings that drivers encounter in traditional cars, offering a more effortless, dynamic and enjoyable driving experience without the need for external charging.

With the e-POWER system, the internal combustion engine works with the optimum compression ratio, while lower fuel consumption and CO2 emission values ​​are achieved compared to conventional gasoline engines. With this feature, e-POWER technology improves the air quality of the city and increases driving comfort with its silent engine.

With the e-POWER system, the 1.5-liter internal combustion engine in the generator unit is only used to generate electricity. The energy produced here is transmitted to the battery and electric motor via the inverter. Since the gas pedal takes the need for movement from the electric motor, instant performance is maximized. In addition, the kinetic energy recovered during deceleration and braking is directed to the battery for reuse. The instantaneous response of the e-POWER system to the accelerator pedal offers a unique and exciting experience in all driving conditions.

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