Nissan Can Produce Automobiles in Turkey!

Remarkable statements about Turkey came from Nissan. Saying that they care about Turkey, Nissan officials announced that they can manufacture cars in Turkey.

Electric Qashqai and X-Trail brought to Turkey Nissan’s Turkey CEO Charbel Abi Ghanem and Nissan Europe Marketing and Sales Vice President Jordi Vila gave a special speech to Habertürk. report gave. In this interview, the company Turkey related to There were some notable explanations about the plans. Let’s take a closer look at those explanations together.

In the statements made by Jordi Vila, Nissan Europe Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Nissan’s that you can produce in Turkey pointed. Underlining that they have no plans to realize this through a new factory, Jordi Vila said, Oyak-Renault factories He said it could be used for production.

So, can Nissan use Renault’s factory in Turkey?

As a matter of fact, it is not possible to think of Renault and Nissan separately from each other. Because Renault is Nissan’s 43 percent It has a serious part. Nissan, on the other hand, holds a 15 percent stake in Renault. There is also an alliance between Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi.

Renault has made a statement in the past months and is in the factory in Bursa. Mitsubishi Colt announced its production. “We do not have a direct investment plan in Turkey. However, in the future, Nissan can take a step like Mitsubishi” Ghanem said that they could take the production decision themselves without actually opening a similar facility. As such, Renault also produces for Nissan, won’t surprise anyone.


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“I have never seen such a fluctuating market”

In the statements made by Nissan Turkey CEO Charbel Abi Ghanem, evaluations were made mostly on the sector. “It’s my first time in Turkey. Such a volatile market I did not see frankly. We cannot predict what the SCT will be or how the currency fluctuates. Because it is unpredictable we don’t try to predict. We strive to respond to the situation quickly and agile. In this way, we keep things that cannot be managed under control.This is how Ghanem evaluated the situation in Turkey.

Why did Nissan Turkey connect to Europe?


Nissan took an important decision about Turkey a while ago. Within the scope of this decision, Nissan Turkey Connected to the European section. The name explaining why such a thing was done was the CEO of Nissan Turkey. Charbel Abi Ghanem”Turkey is a very important country for Nissan. Turkey is seen as part of Europe.” he said and added: Customer profile in Turkey closer to Europe and their habits are more European than their Middle Eastern customers. Likewise, the habits of Turkish customers to adapt to technology are also closer to Europe.

By the way; Let’s also mention that Charbel Abi Ghanem talked about Togg recently. “Togg will make a great contribution to electric vehicles in Turkey. We can say that it will pave the way for both us and the sector.“Ghanem said that they want to dominate 10 percent of the electric and hybrid car market in Turkey.


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