Nintendo Switch OLED model officially unveiled – game news

For a long time there were rumors about a new console from Nintendo. Now the Japanese have finally officially presented their new Switch!

However, this is more of an update of the previous hardware and not a completely new console: The new version is called the “Nintendo Switch OLED model” and is characterized above all by a larger display than its predecessor, which was launched in 2017.

Due to the larger display, the new Switch has significantly narrower screen edgesPhoto: Nintendo

The screen has now grown to a 7-inch diagonal (previously it was 6.2 inches) and now uses OLED technology, which enables higher-contrast images than conventional LCD panels.

There are also a handful of smaller improvements: The new version of the switch is to be delivered with 64GB of internal memory instead of the 32GB of the old model. In addition, the fold-out base has been revised, which is now wider and adjustable in several angles.

In addition, Nintendo promises better speakers and a new docking station, which now also has a LAN connection built in directly.

The base of the new model is much wider and can be adjusted more precisely

The base of the new model is much wider and can be adjusted more preciselyPhoto: Nintendo

Little has changed in terms of the console’s form factor: The removable controllers of the old switch should also fit the new model. In the same way, all previous switch games should also be able to run on the OLED version.

The Nintendo Switch OLED model is scheduled to hit the market in Germany on October 8, 2021. There is not yet a German price, in the USA the new model will cost 350 US dollars, that would be around 295 euros.