NFT Platform Delivered Token Distribution: Airdrop Up to 100 Thousand Dollars!

Decentralized NFT marketplace SudoSwap has completed airdrop distributions for its native token SUDO to eligible users.

SudoSwap, which has recently entered the NFT market, has distributed airdrops for its users who meet the participation requirements. Made by the team on their official Twitter account in the statement, distributed tokens. not yet transferable. highlighted.

Providers of early liquidity on SudoSwap and xmon This airdrop, sent to NFT collectors, comments on social media made many users happy. Some of the users who won the SUDO airdrop Over $100,000 profit reportedly obtained.

On the other hand, at least 300 thousand SUDOs Announcing that users who have a license will have a say in governance voting and can create on-chain offers, the team emphasized that the usage areas of the token will be developed in the coming period.

SudoSwap also has xmon It gave a special chance to users who have a part of the NFT collection. Users staking XMON tokens distributed exclusively to Xmon collectors, an NFT collection created by the founding team of SudoSwap, per NFT 10 thousand SUDOs they can win.

However, according to the statement, the lock-in period for the staking service offered to XMON tokens has been reduced from three months to one month. Before the airdrop is distributed 15 Ether Xmon NFT rising up base price airdrop after transactions 7.5 Ether as much as it declined.

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