News Removed By Posting Fake Judgments

Law professor Yaman Akdeniz stated that fake decisions were sent to news sites and some news were tried to be removed with these decisions. Akdeniz also included fake documents sent in the posts on the subject on Twitter.

Decisions to block access to some news of news sites are a situation we encounter frequently. So much so that from time to time a news Even the news that an access block has been received can be blocked. Lawyer Prof. Dr. Yaman is a new issue brought to the agenda by Akdeniz. topic shows that various inappropriate actions were taken in these access blocking decisions.

The event, which is the subject of the shares of Akdeniz on Twitter, was sent to Newspaper Wall and Diken at different times. fraudulent blocking decisions reveals. In the decisions, it is said that the news should be removed from the broadcast. However, some details in the decisions sent show that the decisions are fake.

The places of duty of the judge and the clerk are misspelled:

What Akdeniz shares as an example in his posts from two false decisions One of them was sent to the news titled “Due from uncle to nephew: We were defrauded with the super soldier drug” published on June 4, 2021, and the other was sent to Diken’s news of August 9, 2019, “30 villas of Keskin Holding will be sold through foreclosure”.

Akdeniz emphasizes that the decision sent to Wall was sent only 4.5 hours after the news was published, while a fake decision was sent to Diken on September 3, 2021 for a news published in 2019. Both of these fake decisions Looks like it came from Bakırköy 2nd Criminal Court of Peace. However, Akdeniz shows that the judge Esma Canıbeyaz Şengül, who took part in the decisions, and the clerk named in the decision were both in charge of the Gaziosmanpasa Criminal Judgeship of Peace.

Akdeniz also stated that the decision sent to Diken fake notice envelope that too; he says that when the PTT tracking number on the envelope is followed, it has been determined that the decision was actually sent from the Gaziosmanpaşa Criminal Court of Peace. But on the envelope, it says Bakırköy 2nd Criminal Court of Peace.

Newspaper Wall filed a criminal complaint, a decision of non-prosecution was given:

The most striking point in Akdeniz’s statements is that a criminal complaint was filed with the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office of Fraud and Fraud on behalf of Gazete Wall. The Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office has given a decision of non-prosecution. Akdeniz stated the reason given for the decision of non-prosecution.What is it, sir, the decision in question is not original! He did not see the need for an investigation, saying that ‘there is no forgery in the official document because it is not an original’.While criticizing with the words ”, he emphasizes that the issue should be examined and followed by the Istanbul Bar Association.


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Stating that a criminal complaint will be made on behalf of Diken, Akdeniz said, “There is a serious fraud and fake decisions are sent to news sites to try to remove some news. We do not know at the moment to whom these and similar fake decisions were sent and how many news were removed. It is important for news sites and the public to be aware of this fraud, to know the subject, and to Investigation of the issue by the relevant authorities I wish to share these.” he stated.

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