New York Mayor Trusts Crypto and Blockchain Despite Collapse: An Incredible Opportunity

Known as a crypto advocate, New York Mayor Eric Adams continues to believe in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology despite the collapse in the market.

Bloomberg’s 16 November According to the report dated New York City Mayor Eric AdamsDespite the market slump following the FTX bankruptcy, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are still for the city. an incredible opportunity claimed it was.

Municipality Spokesperson Jonah Allon On behalf of the Mayor, as in all financial markets, price fluctuations in crypto money markets are an expected market movement. long-term growth prospects Thinking that it will prevent shortsightedness stated that.

Also, the Mayor said that this industry could bring to New York. innovation and economic growth to New Yorkers while underlining their support not to invest in cryptocurrencies suggested. On the other hand, Adams published last month On 2021 tax returns received cryptocurrency during the year but it probably doesn’t sell was put forward. When Adams was asked about crypto assets, personal investment decisions He declined to share further details, saying that

Known for his faith and sympathy for cryptocurrencies, Adams promised to make New York the center of the cryptocurrency industry. The mayor recommended classes on asset classes and blockchain technology in schools, making him the first politician to receive a salary in Bitcoin. The Mayor, who took office this year, $258,750 USD the first three checks of his salary via Coinbase Bitcoin (BTC) and to Ethereum (ETH) was turned.

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