New Volkswagen Aero B Photos Revealed

Volkswagen’s electric sedan Aero B, which will replace the Passat, was seen being tested in Austria. It is claimed that the vehicle, which is camouflaged to look like a Jetta and blows Arteon air with its general design, will be released in 2023.

One of the important names in the automotive industry Volkswagenis one of the companies that attaches the most importance to electric motor vehicles. In fact, the company has recently focused its efforts on electric vehicles. It has been designed in this context and is known to be in the testing phase for some time. Aero B, photographed while being tested in the Austrian Alps. Aero B, which is thought to replace the Passat with the completion of the electric revolution, seems to attract the attention of consumers already.

Volkswagen engineers camouflage the vehicle jettaThey are based on. Deceptive stickers taken from Jette have been added to the grill area of ​​the vehicle, especially with its headlights. However, don’t let this confuse you. This vehicle will not have any ties to Jetta. Now, if you wish, Volkswagen Aero B’s how you will look Let’s take an in-depth look.

Introducing the road-tested Volkswagen Aero B

Volkswagen’s new electric sedan, most of all back part with attention. Because it seems that the trunk of this vehicle will not be as big as the Passat. In fact, the image above shows the Aero B rather than the Passat. arteonIt makes me think it will replace . However, the statements made by Volkswagen eliminate this possibility. The future Passat will come with a much smaller trunk than the current one.

Volkswagen Aero B

Known technical details with Volkswagen Aero B are not many. Vehicle platform named MEB Although it is built on it, details such as what engine it will have and how far it can go are still a mystery.


By the way, the name Aero B was changed in the future. can change i have to say. Because Volkswagen has released the electric motor vehicles ID. added to the series. In this context; ID.3, ID.5 and ID. Models like Space Vizzion have already appeared in earlier periods. The company will probably change the name of this vehicle as well, and ID. will add the tag.

Aero B

Volkswagen has announced an official release date for the Aero B. did not explain. However, according to information obtained from industry sources, the electric sedan To be released in 2023. If this claim reflects the truth, we can say that we can learn all the details about the Aero B at an event that Volkswagen will hold in 2022.


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