New Vaccine Announcement from BioNTech and Pfizer

Recent statements from Pfizer and BioNTech provided information on the companies’ work on the Omicron variant. Waiting for the laboratory results of the variant, BioNTech reported that the decision to develop a new vaccine will be made based on these results.

The new COVID-19 variant Omicron, which has recently emerged in South Africa, has become one of the things the world is most curious about about the pandemic. Because the variant is new, we do not know its effects yet. In addition, although the structure of the variant provides the opinion that it is the worst variant, doctors say that the symptoms seen for now are mild.

All aside, strong or not, the variant is spreading pretty fast. This makes it questionable whether the currently used COVID-19 vaccines are strong against Omicron. BioNTech and Pfizer, which developed one of these vaccines, once again explain the path to be followed in this regard with their new explanations.

Requirement of new vaccine still unknown

German biotechnology company BioNTech, which has recently made statements about the Omicron variant, stated that the investigations on the variant are still ongoing. Stating that it is not yet known whether the new vaccine is necessary, the company said that according to the statements, Omicron will be in charge of it just in case. has started work on adapting the vaccine.

The US company Pfizer, which is a partner with BioNTech in vaccine production, supported these statements and stated that a new draft was prepared for the Omicron vaccine. The CEO of the company, Albert Bourla, used the following statements in the continuation of his statements: “We have drafted a new vaccine development for the Omicron variant. In the fight against COVID-19 may need to be vaccinated regularly every year. If a new vaccine is needed, we will produce about 4 billion doses of the new vaccine next year.”


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Laboratory tests of the Omicron variant In the 2 weeks will find results. One of the possibilities that the variant is really strong, or not quite as strong as the symptoms suggest for now, will be confirmed. In line with these results, it will be clear whether a new vaccine is needed, whether a new vaccine will be produced or an update to the existing vaccine will be made.

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