New System For Cryptocurrencies From The Giant Rating Agency: To Examine 20 Stablecoins

Moody’s, one of the most famous rating agencies in the USA, is working on a scoring system for stablecoins.

Bloomberg’s January 26 Sources close to the subject, credit rating giant Moody’s a stablecoin rating He said he was working on the project. According to the information given, Moody’s has approximately 20 stablecoins of reserves to the quality plans to rank accordingly.

Another source providing information on the subject is that the project has not yet at an early stage and that the data published as a result of the rating will not represent official ratings expressed. Also, the company’s requests for comments from meeting avoided specified.

On the other hand, like many other traditional financial institutions, Moody’s in the cryptocurrency ecosystem engages in various activities The company is the largest US cryptocurrency exchange coinbase for crypto companies such as credit rating while providing information about the crypto money sector on the research side. reports is publishing.

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