New Statement from Clinton: Russia and China’s Cryptocurrency Manipulation Will Stop!

Retired Secretary of State, a former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton Recently, he has started to make important statements about the crypto money industry. Stating that cryptocurrencies should definitely be regulated, Clinton emphasized that this is a step that should be taken especially against two countries.

New Cryptocurrency Alert From Clinton

Clinton In an interview with MSNBC TV on November 24, he reiterated that cryptocurrencies pose a risk. Stating that many different technologies can be used to destabilize or stabilize countries, Clinton said that China and Russia are threats.

Clinton stated that countries such as Russia and China will use new technologies to destabilize the United States, and that cryptocurrencies should be controlled for this reason. Stating that large amounts of money can be passed through certain crypto money networks with the effect of social media, the former minister emphasized that the effect will increase:

“We are not only looking at countries like China and Russia, but also at non-country actors. They are in contact with major countries and can use cryptocurrencies to destabilize various countries. They could also take similar steps to undermine the reserve currency of the US dollar.”

Drawing attention to what was done on social media to influence the previous elections, Clinton said that when it comes to money, things can get much uglier and more effective.

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