New Statement from Binance CEO CZ: Bitcoin (BTC) Reacts!

Binance CEO CZ, who has made a name for himself with every statement he has made in recent days, is making very effective statements on the market.

Every statement of the CEO of Binance, who played a major role in the emergence of the FTX crisis, is carefully followed.

CZ, who took the lead on Twitter again today, used the following statements about the industry:

Some (including me) say the recent events will “set the industry back a few years”. But when you think about it, it’s natural. With progress, there will be failures. The same happened in 2008 in traditional finance, which has been regulated for over 70 years. The sector will quickly recover and strengthen.

After this statement, a 1 percent increase was seen in Bitcoin, which started the day with an increase, and BTC rose to the level of $ 16,660.

After this announcement, the most notable rise was in BNB, Binance’s coin. BNB rose 7 percent a few minutes after the announcement.

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