New Solution for Auto ‘Buy-Sell’ Opportunists: Black List

The crisis in the automotive industry has mobilized companies. Companies that have started to create a black list are trying to prevent citizens who earn 30-40 thousand TL per car by buying and selling. It is unknown for now whether the system will work.

One of the sectors most affected by the coronavirus pandemic was automotive. With the chip crisis The supply problems that started together did not leave the vehicles at the dealers. In Turkey, on the other hand, there were some people who tried to turn the crisis into an opportunity. Opportunists, who have the money to buy a vehicle, can buy the vehicles they bought at a relatively affordable price within the scope of the launch within a few months. 30-40 thousand TL They started selling with profits. Moreover, the measures taken by the government in this regard did not work well.

It looks like a new solution has been found for this situation. Some companies are trying to get rid of these opportunists who make a few car money by buying and selling. They started creating a blacklist.. Companies trying to identify the opportunists one by one started not selling vehicles to these citizens. Some people in the process 3 cars in 6 months The companies that detect that they have bought it are trying to put a stop to these names.

Buyers started to use their relatives as well.

Research conducted by companies shows that opportunists such as parents, spouses or siblings in order not to reveal the situation and to avoid the sanctions of the government. they started using their relatives revealed. This made the creation of a blacklist even more difficult. However, companies are they are determined and it looks like they will do their best.


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Whether blacklisting will work not certain. Because buying and selling under normal conditions is not against the law. Moreover, an automotive manufacturer does not have the luxury of saying that they do not sell to a consumer. However, the extraordinary process we are in, the blacklist issue. The government can also take action looks like…

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