New Series and Movies to Include DC Universe Announced

DC Studios CEO James Gunn and Peter Safran announced the series and movies that await us in the DC universe. Here are the new projects in the first phase called ‘Gods and Monsters’ that will allow DC to create a cinematic universe like Marvel.

Falling behind in its rivalry with Marvel DChas recently undergone a restructuring process. So famous director James Gunn and producer Peter SaffronIn this context, they were determined as the new CEOs of DC Studios last October. It was stated that DC, which has many popular characters such as Superman and Batman, entered a brand new era under its dual management.

Today, James Gunn and Safran announced new productions that will take place in the DC universe and announced the start of the first episode. to the first part ‘Gods and Monsters’ It was stated that his name was given. Gunn stated that they will appear in projects that will reflect both the characters that people love and the characters that are not very well known. Apart from the main universe also called ‘DCU’DC Elseworlds’ It was also stated that there will be another universe, including


The sequel to Robert Pattinson’s Batman movie will be called ‘The Batman Part II’ and will hit theaters in October 2025

According to the statements, the sequel to The Batman, released in 2022, starring Robert Pattinson, The Batman Part II will be named. If the vision history of the production is October 3, 2025 announced as.

Robert Pattinson’s Batman movies will take place outside of the main DC universe, the DCU. Here in this universe ‘Elseworlds’ will be named.


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Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker movies are also included in Elseworlds

The Joker movies directed by Todd Philips, in which we see Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker, will also be included in the universe called ‘Elseworlds’. The name of the sequel to the movie Joker, “Joker: Folle a Deux” was declared. It was also stated that Lady Gaga will appear in the movie as Harley Quinn.

Safran also said the following about Elseworlds:DCU is actually a multiverse, but we will focus on a single universe. If something isn’t DCU, it’s Todd Philips’ Joker or Teen Titans Go! Like their animation We’ll make it clear that he’s included in DC Elseworlds. Just like in the comics.”


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Here are the productions that will take place in the main universe called ‘DCU’

‘Superman: Legacy’ movie to be written by James Gunn is coming in 2025

The name and release date of the new Superman movie that will be included in the DCU has been announced. The name of the production, whose screenplay was penned by Gunn ‘Superman Legacy’ it will be. Film, On 11 July 2025 will be screened. Safran says that the movie is not an ‘origin story’, it will tell Superman trying to balance his past with the planet Krypton and his life on earth.

In the past months, it has been announced that we will not see Henry Cavill in the role of Superman. The issue of who the new Superman will be is a matter of great curiosity. James Gunn also said about the allegations that they fired Cavill, “We didn’t fire Henry. He hadn’t already been selected for the role.. I don’t think Henry is the right person for this story. I love her so much. But this Superman is not Henry for many reasons.”


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There will also be a separate Batman movie of the DCU called ‘The Brave and The Bold’: Batman will be played by a different actor

In addition to the films with Robert Pattinson, the DCU will also feature a separate Batman. Gunn says this character will be neither Pattinson nor Ben Affleck, but completely different. This is actively two different Batman characters It means we’ll see.

DCU’s Batman movie, The Brave and the Bold will be named. In the movie, we see him as Robin in the comics. Damien Wayne will also be included. Raised as an assassin, Damien is Batman’s real son. However, he does not know this for a significant part of his life.

Safran says that we can see other Batman characters (Nightwing, Batgirl, etc.) in the movie. There is no information about who they will be. We will also be eagerly awaiting who will portray Batman.

‘Lanterns’ series is coming

Another exciting production will focus on the beloved DC character Green Lantern.lanterns’ soap opera. This series will tell about two Green Lanterns. These too Hal Jordan and John Steawart it will be. It is said that the series will be broadcast on HBO Max and will be a similar production to the popular crime / mystery series True Detective.

Other productions to be included in the DCU

  • Creature Commandos (ANIMATED SERIES): This animation, which we will see on HBO Max, will be the first production to be released. Written by James Gunn, the series will focus on the Creature Commandos, a team of military superhumans.
  • Waller (SEries): A spin-off of James Gunn’s Peacemaker, Waller will focus on the character of Amanda Waller. Viola Davis will return as Amanda Waller in the series, which will air on HBO Max.
  • The Authority (MOVIE): In this production, which will focus on the ‘grey’ characters from DC, we will see a team of heroes with quite different methods to protect the planet.
  • Paradise Lost (TV series): A TV series set in Themyscira, the birthplace of Wonder Woman. While Safran says that the production will include drama and political intrigue, he states that the series will be similar to Game of Thrones. The series will air on HBO Max.
  • Booster Gold (SERIAL): This series, which will air on HBO Max, will focus on the entertaining character Booster Gold. Safran also says the following about the production:The series is a ‘loser’ from the future who uses technology to go back to the present and pretend to be a superhero. about.”
  • Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow (FILM): This movie will focus on the story of Kara (Supergirl), who, unlike Superman, stays on Krypton and witnesses brutality over the years.
  • Swamp Thing (MOVIE): This movie, which will focus on the character of Swamp Thing, will examine the character’s dark past.

Apart from these, we will also see movies featuring DC characters this year. These movies are; Shazam! Fury of Gods (March 17), The Flash (June 16), Blue Beetle (August 18), Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom (December 25). James Gunn describes The Flash as one of the best superhero movies ever made. He also adds that the characters in these four movies may continue with the same roles in the DCU in the future.


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