New Rules for Cryptocurrency Ads from Belgium

The Belgian regulator has brought various regulations to crypto money ads so that crypto money investors are not harmed by the thought of getting rich easily.

Belgium Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) In the communiqué published in the official gazette on March 17, it was stated that there are incentives for any cryptocurrency. all mass media advertisements least 10 days stated that it should be notified to the institution in advance. rich the easy way Cryptocurrency investors who dream of becoming planning to protect of the legislation, 17 May 2023 It is stated that it will come into effect from the date of

Stating that it reserves its authority to intervene at necessary points, the institution stated that crypto money investors are insufficiently informed about the risks. TRUE And must be fully informed underlined.

FSMA In his statement on the subject, cryptocurrencies in the present case increasingly popular but nevertheless price fluctuations, scams And various information technology risks stated what they contain.

On the other hand, some customers knowing the risks notwithstanding enough not received suggesting FSMA, as a result of his research crypto winter or The collapse of FTX also who want to make quick money by cryptocurrency investors there is no deterrent stated.

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