New Record Parallel To The Rise In Bitcoin Mining Difficulty

Bitcoin (BTC) mining difficulty level has set a new record by continuing its upward streak with the last adjustment. According to the data on Bitcoin mining difficulty, with the last adjustment 7.56% by increasing the rate of all-time high (ATH) and set a new record. With this increase in Bitcoin mining difficulty, to 46.84 trillion has reached.

Finally, with the adjustment that took place on February 12, 0.49% drop Bitcoin mining difficulty continues to rise, with a remarkable increase in the last three adjustments. Although there is still 13 days until the next adjustment, according to current estimates, Bitcoin mining difficulty 0.05% expected to fall.

On the other hand, Bitcoin mining difficulty, which continues to increase in parallel with the rise in Bitcoin price, has been around since the beginning of the year. 30% Bitcoin price rises around the same time frame 70% increased.

CoinGecko according to data bitcoinin the last 24 hours 1.7% increased, and at the time of writing the news at $28,284 is being traded.

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