New Predictions for iPhone and AirPods Before Apple Event

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo strengthened some of the claims about iPhone and AirPods in his statements before Apple’s autumn event. Explaining how many versions of the new iPhone will be, Kuo also announced the fate of AirPods 3.

It’s time for the event where Apple will introduce its new products, including its new iPhone. So far, there have been countless guesses about the features of many products, from iPhone to AirPods. However Even if it’s only 2 days before the presentation these predictions were not interrupted.

Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo, explained what we should expect from Apple’s fall event that will take place on Tuesday. While Kuo’s predictions are hardly new, they strengthened previous predictions by detailing them.

2 of the 4 versions of the iPhone will offer 1 TB memory option

Ming-Chi Kuo announced that the iPhone 13 family, which Apple will present to the consumer at its autumn event, will carry the same members as the iPhone 12 family. In other words, we will see 4 versions listed as iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, from small to large. Internal memory options of Pro and Pro Max models allegedly It will start at 128GB and go up to 1TB. The 1TB option will not be available on the Mini model and the standard model.

New member of AirPods may be more expensive



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The new Apple Watch will be released a little later, due to a glitch in screen orders. Apple’s 7th generation watch will hit the shelves towards the end of October, according to Kuo. As for AirPods, the 3rd generation of the device will not replace the previous generations. The most likely thing to happen, according to Kuo, AirPods 3 being more expensive than current models and the price of older models remains the same. However, it is not impossible for the new model to carry the same price as AirPods 2.

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