New Photos of Xiaomi’s Car Revealed

New photos have emerged that show that Xiaomi may have come to an end in the automobile project that has been talked about for years. Moreover, an official statement came from Xiaomi on the subject.

Chinese technology giant Xiaomi has been around for more than a year. car project with on the agenda. The first allegations revealed that the car in question was powered by an electric motor and autonomous driving system, and it was written and drawn many times about the car. The latest developments Xiaomi’s car project has come to the end of the road shows that it can happen.

A few days ago, there were remarkable developments regarding Xiaomi’s first car. Photos of the car, which is still in the testing phase, are suddenly on the internet. has been served. This means that the vehicle in general that you are ready gave rise to thought. As such, an official statement came from Xiaomi. Let’s first look at the shared images and then the explanations.

Here’s what Xiaomi’s first car will look like:

*The phrase “Xiaomi pilot test” on the vehicle did not go unnoticed.

Images from China reveal that Xiaomi’s first car will be a sedan. The car with hard lines, Close to BMW’s design language takes a stand. By the way, the fact that the fuel section of the vehicle is located on the left front indicates that Xiaomi is developing an electric car. confirmatory.

Xiaomi car tests

The photos above are from a few days ago. In the images served on China’s social media platform Weibo, Xiaomi’s first car is in the testing phase and even Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun was said to have personally participated in the test drives. Although the images are not clear, Xiaomi’s first car extreme cold calibration tests that you entered we can say.


What Price Range Xiaomi’s Car Will Be Officially Announced

There are also images leaked from official documents!

Xiaomi car specifications

Some document images about Xiaomi’s car were also shared. The photos you see above are of the Xiaomi car. front and rear bumpers it reveals. Here is made by Xiaomi descriptions also it’s exactly about these bumper images.

In the statement made by Wang Hua, senior manager in Xiaomi’s public relations department, the reality of the bumper images in question confirmed. Stating that these images were found in the documents sent to second-level suppliers, Wang Hua said that the shares were stated that there was a leak. However, the supplier in question only deals with material moulds. So the photos we see above do not show the final design.

The car came to light with a similar design in the past.


Xiaomi’s car in the test phase, last year too had been viewed. However, the design in the images served at that time is one of the latest posts. was different. This is normal, as it’s common in cars under test. design changes can be done. Also, allegedly belonging to Xiaomi’s car. render imageslooked more like the model we saw for real last year.

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