New Partnership for iPhone 15’s Camera from Apple!

It is known that Apple has been in a supply partnership with LG for a while, and a new name has been added for the camera module of the iPhone 15 to this partnership. Periscope lenses, which are said to have the camera of the iPhone 15, may come from Jahwa Electronics.

Although Apple has just released the iPhone 13, rumors about the iPhone 14 began to come. The vast majority of these rumors were what we could expect from Apple. The company continues to offer its users a better experience in many ways with each new iPhone model.

For this reason, expectations for future models are also high. Although the rumors about the iPhone 14 have not yet been clarified, interesting information has also emerged about the iPhone 15. According to this information, a much different camera experience may await iPhone users in the future.

iPhone 15 may come with a periscope camera

It was known for a long time that Apple had a supply partnership with LG. According to The Elec’s report, Jahwa Electronics has also been added to this partnership, and help will be received from both companies for the iPhone 15’s camera. Jahwa Electronics has recently ignited the rumors about the iPhone 15’s camera. spent $155 million on new facilities where it will manufacture optical image stabilization parts. There was news about it. It is known that Apple wants suppliers to set up special facilities for its own components. This is thought to be the reason why Jahwa Electronics opened the new facility.


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Allegedly, Jahwa Electronics will also produce periscopic cameras, which will also be included in the iPhone 15’s camera, in this new production facility. Thanks to this periscope-based lens system, new The amount of optical zoom in the camera of the iPhone 15 can be greatly increased. Of course, while this optical zoom feature increases, the size of the camera module is expected to increase slightly. At the same time, it is thought that LG’s new zoom technology and Jahwa’s periscopic lenses will be used for the camera module of the iPhone 15. But even if the news is true, it will take more than a year for Jahwa Electronics’ new facility to open and be approved by Apple. So, as expected, we will be content with hearing only ‘rumors’ from the iPhone 15 for a long time. Of course, these rumors for the iPhone 14 seem to continue for a while.

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