New Opel Crossland Highlights and Prices

Crossland, which is in the SUV family of Opel, the popular member of the German automotive industry, welcomed 2022 with a new breath. In addition to its renewed exterior and interior design, Crossland’s starting price is 507,900 TL, while the price of the most equipment package is 744,900 TL.

Crossland, which is in the SUV class of Opel, one of the important brands of automotive giant Germany, entered 2022 with its new design approach and advanced technologies. Crossland, which greets users with a much different exterior design and personalization compared to previous years, is offered for sale as an SUV that is very suitable for urban use.

Crossland, which has 4 different equipment packages, offers fully LED headlights as standard even in the most basic equipment. On the top of Crossland, some customizations that will pamper users are unlocked. In this article Opel Crosslandtechnical details, design and to the price list we’ll take a look.

Opel Crossland design, equipment, fuel consumption and price list:


Exterior design: A mix of hard and soft lines

Presenting the 2022 Crossland to users with a new design approach, Opel seems to have focused entirely on a city-oriented car. Between the rear headlightsi more noticeable with black stripe Crossland, which has gained an air of air, unfortunately offers this strip as an option.

Opel Crossland promises only 2 rim sizes. Varies according to hardware packages in 16 and 17 inch sizes Diamond cut details on the rims are also not overlooked. For users who are considering purchasing, it is worth remembering that Crossland has many different optional accessories.

Interior design:

Opel Crossland

Crossland, which has a wider driver environment compared to its previous models, allows the user to dominate the traffic more thanks to its high sitting position. Crossland, where you can also interfere with the ceiling design, thanks to the panoramic glass roof It makes the interior very spacious. The luggage volume of the Opel Crossland reaches 520 liters when all the seats are pulled forward, while it can increase to 1255 liters with the rear seats folded down.


Active emergency braking system:

Opel Crossland

Opel uses a technology that will be the third eye of Crossland users in traffic. This technology detects pedestrians and vehicles that unexpectedly come across the vehicle while driving and sends feedback to the driver. If there is no reaction from the driver as a result of this feedback, the control of Crossland is taken over by the braking system for the moment.

Antiskid system:

Opel Crossland

This system, which Opel calls IntelliGrip, aims to keep the road holding at the maximum level regardless of the ground. Having 5 driving modes in total, Crossland offers its best performance on snowy, gravelly or muddy roads.

Advanced parking pilot:

Opel Crossland

Opel Crossland can park itself wherever it can fit without the intervention of the driver and exit the parking space. In order to use this technology, it is enough for the driver to press a single button. This assistant will be very useful for users who do not want to experience parking stress in busy city life.


Sliding rear seats:

Opel Crossland

The rear seats of Crossland, which has an unusual feature, can move forward and backward like the front seats. This feature, which both extends the legroom of the people traveling behind and expands the luggage volume when necessary, greatly increases the ergonomics in the interior.

Heated seats:

Opel Crossland

It is not something that any user wants to wait for the air conditioner to work on cold seats when he gets in his car during the winter months. Opel Crossland, with its 3-stage seat heating technology, prevents users from getting cold on their seats.

Heated steering wheel:

Opel Crossland

Supporting the heated seats with a heated steering wheel, Opel seems to have done its best to keep Crossland owners cold. This steering wheel, which offers 3-stage heating just like the seats, can be purchased as an option.

AGR approved seats:

Opel Crossland

Developing the interior ergonomics as much as possible, Opel preferred electronically controlled seats in Crossland. Thanks to this development, the lumbar and calf support in Crossland’s seats can be adjusted according to preference and offers optimum comfort for the user.

Opel Crossland equipment packages:

Opel Crossland

  • Crossland Essentials
  • Crossland Edition
  • Crossland Elegance
  • Crossland Ultimate

Opel Crossland, which comes before users with a total of 4 different hardware packages, named these hardware packages as Essential, Edition, Elegance and Ultimate. Offering 8-way electric passenger seat, wireless charging and sliding rear seats in the top equipment package Ultimate, Crossland prefers 17 inch dimensions as the rim size.

Using 1.2L gasoline and AT-6 gearbox in the Ultimate package, Opel promises 130 HP with this engine. Offering only automatic transmission at this equipment level, Opel states that Crossland reaches 0 to 100 in 10.2 seconds.

Opel Crossland performance, engines and fuel consumption:

Opel Crossland, which has 4 equipment packages, comes with 2 different engine options. Providing what is expected for users who prefer both diesel and gasoline engines, Opel promises 130 HP power in its gasoline engine. Crossland’s diesel engine produces 120 HP.

1.2L Turbo Gasoline Manual (130 HP):

Opel Crossland

  • Average (lt/100 km): 4.7
  • Urban (lt/100 km): 5.7
  • Extra-urban (lt/100 km): 4.1

1.2L Turbo Gasoline Automatic (130 HP):

Opel Crossland

  • Average (lt/100 km): 4.9
  • Urban (lt/100 km): 5.9
  • Extra-urban (lt/100 km): 4.4

1.5L Turbo Diesel (120 HP):

Opel Crossland

  • Average (lt/100 km): 3.9
  • Urban (lt/100 km): 4.3
  • Extra-urban (lt/100 km): 3.6

Opel Crossland 2022 prices:

Opel Crossland

  • Opel Crossland 2022 1.2L 130 HP Petrol MT6 Essential: 509,700 TL
  • Opel Crossland 2022 1.2L 130 HP Petrol AT6 Essential: 608,900 TL
  • Opel Crossland 2022 1.2L 130 HP Petrol AT6 Edition: 652,900 TL
  • Opel Crossland 2022 1.2L 130 HP Petrol AT6 Elegance: 699,900 TL
  • Opel Crossland 2022 1.5L 120 HP Diesel AT6 Edition: 699,900 TL
  • Opel Crossland 2022 1.5L 120 HP Diesel AT6 Elegance: 744,900 TL

We talked about the prominent features of Opel’s SUV class model Crossland and its 2022 price list. You can share your thoughts about the Opel Crossland model in the comments.

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