New on Netflix: “Schumacher” (Netflix): The legend lives! – Movie theater

Originally intended for the cinema, Netflix subscribers can now watch this terrific documentary on one of the greatest sports idols of our time.

Content: They are haunting images. When the white airbrush stars on the red Ferrari helmet can be seen in the lower center of the screen, we know: none other than Michael Schumacher (52) drives us through the narrow streets of Monaco. We see elementary school student Michael laying the foundation for his career on his parents’ go-kart track. Racing is in the Kerpener’s blood.

The film is not a veneration of saints. Schumi’s tough ambition is not left out. And in addition to many companions, Schumi’s strong wife Corinna (52) has a say. Marrying her in 1995 is Schumi’s greatest triumph.

Conclusion: You have never been closer to Michael Schumacher than in this brilliant documentary. Full of goosebumps moments that will impress not only Formula 1 fans, but people as a whole. “Schumacher” is world champion.

(112 min./ from 0 yrs.)

Photo: BILD