New Moves to Prevent Child Abuse from Twitch

Twitch, which has been criticized for child abuse on the platform in the past months, announced that it has taken new measures in this regard. The platform, which wants to block accounts under the age of 13, announced that it has made many security updates, as well as the phone number verification feature to open a live broadcast.

operating under the umbrella of Amazon Twitchis one of the most popular live broadcasting platforms in the world, used by millions of people. So much so that people of all ages, from seventy to seventy, open live broadcasts or watch broadcasts on this platform. However, the use of Twitch can also cause some negative situations. One of them is child abuse on the platform.

A report shared by Bloomberg a few months ago revealed that there was a frightening situation on Twitch, which is very popular with children and teenagers. A study showed that many child abuses were encountered on the live broadcast platform and that the abusers forced children to participate in the broadcasts and make inappropriate actions. In the last two years approximately 280,000 children was also included in the report. After that, a statement came from Twitch and it was stated that the measures were taken. Now it has been announced that new updates have been made in this regard.

Phone number verification is coming to open live broadcast

Updating the previously shared blog post, Twitch announced its new measures against abusers, stating that it will protect children from malicious people on the platform and that these people will never be allowed. to protect children Twitch who wants to prevent accounts under 13 from being included in the platformstated that their new moves are to strengthen this.

According to the statements of the platform owned by Amazon, it is now possible to start a live broadcast. phone number verification will need to be done. Twitch stated that this move will prevent users under the age of 13 from putting themselves at risk. It was also reported that steps were taken to prevent people under the age of 13 from opening new accounts, who were previously blocked. It has also been added that improvements have been made to the ‘moderation technology’, which prevents Twitch staff from seeing certain user complaints and quickly detecting events of interest to young children and preventing such events from happening.

Twitch defaults to messaging feature Whispers apart from these update your privacy settings and specific tools used to find content on the platform. that you are blocking search terms or words also expressed. Stating that it has deepened its cooperation with specialist organizations for security, the platform is an artificial intelligence company that can support it to discover all kinds of harmful content in texts. Spirit AI He added that he has completed his purchases. With this technology, inappropriate words on the platform will be detected and negative situations will be tried to be prevented.


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It is also possible to say that Twitch is a little behind in this regard. Competing social media platforms already use multiple age verification systems. We will see in the future whether the popular platform can prevent this controversial situation with its new updates.

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