New Method Discovered That Could ‘Heal’ Heart Attack

As a result of a research study, scientists have developed a new technique that can repair and even regenerate heart muscle cells after a heart attack.

our heart muscle cells from 1% lessThe heart muscle cells we have when we die are capable of regenerating. Usually the heart muscle cells we have from the first month of life are the same, and this means that heart attacks or heart diseases can leave the heart permanently fragile.

According to a study published in the Journal of Cardiovascular Aging, experiments have shown that cardiac muscle cells can be repaired and can be renewed A technique has emerged. While tests have only been done on mice so far, if this technique works in humans as well, it could potentially pose a risk for people who have had a heart attack. life saving treatment may have been found.

The method is described as a “out-of-the-box” process

In the developed technique, ribonucleic acid, a synthetic precursor, i.e. mRNA is being used. mRNA is the protein we use to build the proteins that make up and regulate our cells. DNA creates a template of directories. The scientists tested the body’s responses by changing the mRNA, giving different instructions for different biological processes to occur.

These regulated instructions are made of various proteins that are mutated, attached to DNA, and involved in the regulation of gene expression that promotes its replication. stem and DO5SA supports the duplication of heart excavation cells through

Experiments on both hearts in tissue culture dishes and living mice revealed that Stemin elicits stem cell-like properties in heart muscle cells, while YAP5SA promotes organ growth and replication. This whole process was done by the research team. “out of the box” is defined as.

Damage from heart attack largely healed within 24 hours

heart attack

In a study of mice with damaged hearts, after injection of the mutated transcription factors Stemin and YAP5SA, nuclei called myocytes were formed. within 24 hours least 15 times observed to increase. This shows that a person who has had a heart attack or a heart disease can recover with this method.

It was explained that the main idea of ​​the research was to enable the heart muscle cells, which have very low regenerative ability, to act like stem cells that can be transformed into various specialized cells by the body. Biologist Robert Schwartz from the University of Houston, who was part of the research team, said, “For the results of the research, “No one has accomplished anything to this extent before, and we think it could be a possible cure for humans.” said.


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Heart disease, deaths worldwide one quarter forming. The team continues to work to learn more to see how the body reacts after heart disease and heart attack. Research continues on whether this method will successfully affect humans. The research team knows that they have many years ahead of them to turn this method into a useful treatment method, but they say they are quite confident.

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