New Metaverse Partnership with Popular Altcoin Ledger

Popular metaverse project The Sandbox (SAND) has announced a new partnership with crypto hardware wallet Ledger.

Sandbox posted on its official blog on March 23, institutional to brand partners security integration presenting investors’ assets simple And effective somehow assurance to get under ledger reportedly partnered with. In the statement, cross-platform integration and between customers synergy A number of targeted items drew attention.

As part of the partnership established, The sandbox from the ecosystem plot A Sandbox decentralized app to Ledger for Ledger users interested in purchasing add (dApp), Legder’s desktop app to Ledger Live for sandbox add shortcut, Ledger and Sandbox users applications between widespread use of for one create synergy And The Sandbox collection all in your wallet NFTs ledger carry in your wallet actions such as

COO of The Sandbox Sebastian Borget on the subject, with Ledger LONG One relationships and more to the brands entering the metaverse. provide security for the development of partnership happiness he said he heard.

Head of Ledger Enterprise Alex Fitr is increasing in the sector. to cyber attacks And to scams drawing attention businesses And consumers are safe to ensure that pride expressed what he heard.

According to Coinecko data, the latest 30 per day 17.3% depreciating SANDend 24 within the hour 1.5% declining as of writing 0.64 traded at the dollar level.

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