New Investigation From SEC Towards Crypto

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is said to be questioning whether investment advisory firms meet the requirements for crypto-assets storage.

of Reuters January 26 Sources close to the subject, according to the news of the SEC registered investment advisory companies on the storage of crypto assets. you are investigating conveyed. According to the information received, the SEC does not allow companies to keep crypto assets. requirements He inquires whether he has complied.

According to sources for a long time ongoing investigation, cryptocurrency exchange After FTX’s bankruptcy is gaining momentum. of the investigation not progressing publicly companies under the SEC’s investigation. to storage operations It was stated that he requested the details of the company from the companies. According to the information received, the institution collects the assets of its customers from companies. in which institutions asked for a statement. Besides, institutions selection criteria was among the information that the SEC wanted to be disclosed.

Legal advisers speaking to the agency on the subject said that the SEC’s investigation for a long time He stated that it shows that he aims to investigate traditional companies that are considering investing in the cryptocurrency sector. Experts say that the SEC’s crypto assets are only competent institutions to any institution when stating that it should be stored by not giving competence also noticed.

Many actors operating in the ecosystem, the SEC’s regulatory sharpness on the subject insufficient criticized his efforts. Against the SEC’s cryptocurrency ecosystem anti- to the extent possible conservative Experts pointing out that the institution is approaching Ark Invest and 21 Shares jointly declared spot Bitcoin (BTC) ETF He indicated that he did not approve.

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