New Images From BMW M4 CSL

New images have emerged from the CSL model that BMW will bring back with the M4 in the coming days. In addition, the news showed that the vehicle will only be offered with automatic transmission and will be produced in limited numbers.

Headquartered in Germany, one of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers BMWaims to provide its fans with a better driving experience with the vehicles it launches every year. In a news we shared with you a few days ago, we mentioned that the giant company announced that some 2022 models will not have Android Auto and Apple Car Play.

Although we receive such sad news due to the worldwide chip crisis, BMW will launch a model that will excite car enthusiasts this year. The ‘Coupe Sport Leichtbau’, or simply the ‘Coupe Sport Leichtbau’ of the automobile giant, which we saw years ago, known for its lighter weight and high performance. CSL The so-called model returns with the M4. Now, new images from this vehicle have been shared.

M4 CSL arriving on 20 May

BMW plans to launch a new CSL in the coming months, following the M3 E46 CSL that first appeared in the 1970s and was last seen in the early 2000s. M4 G82 CSL the vehicle specified to be named on 20 May 2022 will be introduced. According to, the vehicle will come with carbon fiber calipers and two doors. It is also stated that the absence of rear seats will make the vehicle 100 kilograms lighter.

The M4 CSL, which appears to offer good performance from the images, is only automatic transmission It is stated that it will come with the future and will be rear-wheel drive. The vehicle, whose exterior design we cannot see completely due to camouflage, is expected to have an S58 engine; this is the vehicle 555 horsepower By reaching out, we can add that the M4 Competition has shown that it can outperform. In addition, Motor1 states that since this year is the 50th anniversary of BMW’s M foundation, the possibility of the vehicle having 600 horsepower is among the rumors.

Finally, it should be noted that the vehicle, which is eagerly awaited by car lovers, will be produced in limited numbers. The M4 CSL, which is expected to be offered for sale at a high price according to the statements, is only around 1000 pieces will be produced.


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