New feature from Twitter for shopping lovers!

Recently, social media has become a profession for many people where they can earn big money. Users earn serious income from their advertisements, and large companies and companies from the promotion and sale of their products. Most applications e-commerce while giving importance to the industry twitter, stood in the background in this regard compared to other media.

Twitter for many years non-profit making It kept its popularity at high levels with the tweets that content producers wrote mostly for entertainment purposes. The company is trying to create an area where users can earn money by making changes in its business policy recently.

An innovation that will make money from Twitter to Android users!

After many recent innovations, Twitter is now bringing a feature that it offered to iOS users in September to Android.

You can now shop on Twitter live streams

Twitter, which has made a name for itself in its recent innovations, is launching a new application. Now users can watch a broadcast at the same time shopping they can. New live streaming shopping feature on November 28 Walmart‘of Jason Derulo with Cyber ​​Week It will be promoted by hosting a themed live broadcast.

twitter new feature In his statement, he included the following sentences;

Live streaming on Twitter allows businesses to engage with their fans. Adding the ability to shop to this experience paves the way to attract and engage audiences.

Twitter, although in this area other social media Although it has lagged behind its media, it has started to attack with the innovations it has made and wants to make. Finally Shopping Manager He is working on a feature called It was also first announced in July. Store ModuleIt wants to expand the usage area of ​​.

Store Modulefirst, the shopping potential on Twitter to test was made available for the purpose. Only businesses The feature can be used by profile accounts when this feature is activated. Thus, products can be displayed in the area under the bio on Twitter profiles.

Twitter is not limited to innovations in this field. The company, which provides income through donations last month, Super Tracking made the feature available. Also, Tip box feature is another feature that is already in use. bitcoin Not forgetting its world, Twitter, again last month, at first only iOS available on devices bitcoin tip feature Android It expanded the area of ​​use by bringing it to the devices.

How do you interpret these recent moves of Twitter? By doing so, does Twitter increase its popularity or leave its old taste behind? Please share your thoughts with us.

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