New feature for annoying search results from TikTok

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In addition, TikTok continues to announce new features in order to increase the user experience to the next level. Finally, the platform has launched its new feature that can warn its users about annoying search results.

60 billion TL lawsuit shock to TikTok!

A Dutch foundation has filed a massive lawsuit against TikTok for collecting the data of 4.5 million Dutch citizens without permission.

TikTok is getting a major overhaul in its search results

The new feature, announced by TikTok in the morning today, was an indication of a major revision in search results. TikTok, which has taken action after the emergence of content that can deeply affect the mental health of young users, especially on various social media platforms in recent years, has decided to warn its users in some search results from now on.

The user will be warned against the possibility that the search results made with the new feature will show offensive content. If the user wants to access the search results, it will be enough to press a single button. Although the platform already has a warning system for such videos, search results will become more secure after the new feature.

One of the most remarkable innovations offered by the feature is that it directs the user to some support organizations when searching for terms such as “suicide” and “self-harm”.

For example, if terms such as suicide are searched on TikTok, the new feature will direct the user to suicide prevention organizations that provide 24/7 service through a free helpline located in various parts of the world, according to the region. At this point, the user will be presented with options such as phone call or SMS.