New Decision Taken to Prevent Fires from Reaching the Power Plants

The Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change took a decision to prevent forest fires from reaching facilities such as thermal power plants. The ministry, which amended the regulation named “Regulation on the Protection of Buildings from Fire”, decided to create ‘fire zones’ in order to prevent forest fires, especially in summer, from reaching the facilities.

Forest fires, which occur in a certain amount every year, showed a great increase in our country last year and officially burned our lungs. In one of the fires in many cities where the people made great mobilization, the flames reached a thermal power plant and worried us all.

In the Milas district of Muğla Although it was seen that the fire approaching to the thermal power plant in the building could be the cause, the interventions were not enough and the flames reached the power plant. Not only in this incident, we also explained in another news what might happen if a thermal power plant burns. Fortunately, this year’s fears ensured that measures were taken before summer. The Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change took a new decision to prevent these situations.

Fire areas will be established

The Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change has amended the “Regulation on the Protection of Buildings from Fire” in order to prevent disasters that may occur in fires. According to the amendment signed by President Erdogan, thermal power plants are located around factories and refineries. Fire areas up to 400 square meters will be created. The criteria for the facilities to be affected by the decision are the installed capacity. “Energy production facilities of 500 megawatts and above, factories with a total indoor usage area of ​​​​more than 2 thousand square meters” expressed in terms such as The changes made in the legislation were recorded with the following statements:


Our Lungs Burned All Summer: The Number of Planes to be Taken to Fight Forest Fires Has Been Announced

In order to prevent the spread of flame or heat caused by forest fires to the structures and storage areas of the facilities, an external fire zone is formed within 100 meters from the building facade and the storage area of ​​the facility and additional measures are taken. In areas where the slope of the land is between 30 percent and 55 percent, this distance is increased by 2 times downstream of the slope compared to the building, and 1.5 times in other directions. In areas where the slope is more than 55 percent, the distance is increased up to 4 times. Plants cannot be kept in the first one and a half meters, flammable materials or trees between 1.5-10 meters. If there is between 10-30 meters, the distance between the trees cannot be less than 3 meters. Tree branches up to 2 meters between 30-100 meters are cleaned.

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