New Decision Regarding SBF’s $250 Million Bail: Identities Revealed!

The identities of the two individuals who signed the $250 million bail of bankrupt FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) may be made public.

In a session seen yesterday as FTX’s bankruptcy case continues, SBF’s $250 million bail Steps have been taken to disclose information on payer names. U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan, 250 million He stated that the names of the two people who paid the dollar bail could be released.

This “unclear decision” taken by Kaplan has been discussed between them in the past weeks. Bloomberg, financial times and Reutersincluding the eight of the major media companies It was brought to the agenda after the pressure and demand.

Judge Kaplan justified this request and emphasized that individuals’ identities should be shared in order to defend the public’s right to access identities. Kaplan has traditionally made public disclosure of requested information. While stating that there is clear information To appeal to the SBF front February 7He had time until.

The parents of SBF’s $250 million bail and two unknown persons had paid. Stating that SBF’s parents were exposed to threats throughout the process, the lawyers objected to the request for “disclosure” on the grounds that two people whose names were kept secret could also fall into the same situation. If an official objection beyond the verbal objection is received from the SBF lawyers by the specified date, the decision will be clarified. by February 14 deferrable.

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