New Decision on Taxation of Cryptocurrencies and Use of Blockchain Technology from AP!

A new vote was held in the European Parliament on the taxation of cryptocurrencies and the use of blockchain technology in the fight against tax evasion.

In the statement made by the European Parliament, it was stated that this was not a binding decision and it presented a general framework.

Part of the explanation is as follows:

“Members of Parliament passed a resolution calling for better use of blockchain to combat tax evasion and greater coordination on taxation of crypto assets.

The non-binding resolution prepared by Lídia Pereira (EPP, PT) was adopted at the plenary session with 566 votes in favour, 7 against and 47 abstentions.

The proposal establishes a framework within which the goals of both using blockchain for taxation and taxing crypto assets equally can be achieved.”

In the decision taken, it was recommended to adopt a fair, transparent and effective taxation method in the taxation of crypto assets. In addition, simple taxation methods were proposed for small traders.

“Let’s Benefit from Blockchain in Tax Collection”

In the decision, it was emphasized that blockchain technology can be an effective method in the fight against tax evasion, and the following statements were included:

“The unique features of blockchain could offer a new way to automate tax collection, limit corruption and better determine ownership of tangible and intangible assets, allowing mobile taxpayers to be better taxed.”

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