New Crypto Fraud Alert From FBI!

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), American citizens cryptocurrencies warns of fraudulent cases. “Pig Butchering” The new ponzi scheme, called the ponzi scheme, is victimizing many crypto money investors.

According to the new article shared by the FBI, fraudsters use social media as a new method. “crypto analystHe reaches out to his victims by pretending to be. Fake analysts share their analysis of non-existent cryptocurrencies listed on fake exchanges with their followers. The scammers then direct investors to fake exchange sites.

Investors, who follow fake analysis, see that the coin shared by the scammer brings huge profits, and they turn to the fake stock market. The victim investor, who buys the crypto money shared by the analyst on the stock market, makes huge but artificial profits. The victim, fascinated by the profit, sends all his cash to the crypto exchange and buys the fake coin.

But at the end of the day, the victim exchange When he wants to withdraw his money from his wallet, he encounters the bitter truth.

The scammers use other methods besides the fake analyst role. Criminals first establish a friendship with investors by contacting investors, and then direct their victims to fake investments. Scammers build relationships with victims like social engineers.

The FBI asked citizens who witnessed such fraudulent cases to file a criminal complaint online.

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