New concept for green Le Mans races: Toyota GR H2!

The automotive industry is changing as it evolves. Of course, this change also affects motor sports after the changes in the industry and customer base. There is no one who has not heard of the Le Mans 24 hour races. Toyota introduced a new concept for the racing system, which has changed in line with the environmentalism and zero emission targets in the industry. Here is the Toyota GR H2, the Japanese racing car that runs on hydrogen fuel!

Hydrogen powered race car GR H2 from Toyota!

The automotive industry has embarked on a full-scale electrification path in recent years. Day by day, internal combustion engines are coming to an end among brands and electric cars are taking their place. In addition, a new brand is born in the electric car market almost every day.

Of course, motor sports do not remain silent in the face of this change. He makes the necessary transformations in Le Mans, the legendary 24-hour races. A new category was opened for hydrogen fueled environmentally friendly cars in the Le Mans races, which have been going on for years without interruption and where brands compare their durability.

Porsche introduced the mind-blowing concept model!

Porsche introduced the mind-blowing concept model!

To celebrate the company’s 75th anniversary, Porsche unveiled the Mission X, an all-electric hypercar concept.

Only cars that run on hydrogen fuels will be included in this category. In other words, it is a very noisy but completely environmentally friendly concept. As for the answer to the question of why a category is not opened for electric cars, the reason is actually simple. The range of electric cars is not long enough under current conditions. In other words, they will not be able to run a 24-hour race without interruption.

Toyota, on the other hand, introduced its new racing concept for the Le Mans Hydrogen race. The name of the vehicle concept is GR H2. The brand did not provide any technical details about the vehicle. In other words, we do not know how many hp the vehicle produces or how many kilometers it can travel at maximum. Toyota may not have provided information about the car it prepared for the races in order to gain an edge over its competitors. That’s a perfectly reasonable reason.

Toyota doesn’t say if or when a race-ready GR H2 will hit the track. The brand says only that the machine, called the GR H2, is built for “future competition”. However, let’s say beforehand that we shouldn’t be too surprised if Toyota is on the track with the GR H2 at the next Le Mans race.

If we look at the company’s environmental race car history, they are no strangers to this subject. Toyota has been racing an all-hydrogen-fueled Corolla in Japan’s Super Taikyu racing series since 2021. Also the brand GR010 He took the podium twice in last year’s Le Mans races with his hyper-hybrid car.

So what do you think about Toyota’s hydrogen-powered racing car GR H2?

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