New Claim About the Name of the Next Generation Apple Watch

It has been claimed that Apple will use the ‘X’ name instead of the Series 9 name on the new generation Apple Watch. The company had taken a similar step on iPhones.

Apple introduced the iPhone models in 2017 as ‘9’ instead of ‘x’ had named it. Among the reasons for this were the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, the number 9 is considered unlucky in Japan and represents a major change in iPhone. Of course, there was a reason why the name ‘X’ sounded much better and interesting.

Now, the tech giant’s smart watch on Apple Watch It turned out that he could do something like this. The company introduced the Apple Watch Series 8 to us in September of 2022. The information coming today also revealed that we may not see the Series 9 name on the new generation Apple Watches.

Next-generation smartwatches could be called Apple Watch X

Apple Watch Series 8

According to the news that Forbes based on a French site called iPhonesoft, Apple will not use the name 9 by making a similar move on the Apple Watch. The report, which iPhonesoft also based on someone working in the company, said that the name of the new generation smart watch ‘Apple Watch X’ claims to be.

This move, if it happens, will be the second device Apple skips the ‘9’ name. So what could be the reason for this? The next-generation Apple Watch, the company’s 10th hour Let me tell you it will. Before Series 1, Apple released another smartwatch. In other words, although the names exceed 8 numbers, we have seen 9 Apple Watches so far. And this strengthens the possibility of using the name Apple Watch X.


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As we saw in the iPhone X, we cannot predict whether there will be major changes in the features of the watches. The information we have shows that the new generation Apple Watch will not come with big differences compared to its predecessor. The use of MicroLED could perhaps represent one of these changes. However, this technology is not expected to arrive until 2024 or 2025. We’ll see what happens in September.


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