New Bitcoin (BTC) Mining Impact from Canada: 18-Month Moratorium

The Canadian province of Manitoba has set a 18-month moratorium on new Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency mining operations in case energy grids become bottlenecks.

According to local media reports, the state of Manitoba has announced that new cryptocurrency mining companies will be able to respond to the negativities that may arise from the miners in the energy grids. 18 months banned from connecting to the power grid.

Responsible for the state’s public agency Manitoba Hydro Finance Minister Cameron Friesen, November 28 In his statement on

Well, everyone can get the energy they want, we can’t just say we’re going to build new dams.

The government said in a statement that new operations will not be able to connect to the grid for 18 months, but 37 companies stated that it will not be affected by this decision. Minister Friesen, 17 new miners that it requests to be connected to the grid and that these energy demands in total to 371 MW He stated that it matched.

Manitoba Hydro’s debt, total $2.75 billion due to obtaining a loan to build two new mega-projects amounting to tripled in 15 years reported out. According to Manitoba Hydro’s statements, consumer service fees are approximately 40% of used to pay off debts.

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