New Altcoin Listing Announcement from Bitcoin Exchange Kraken!

Popular cryptocurrency exchange Kraken, in a statement HydraDX (HDX) altcoin announced the listing.

The exchange said in a statement that HDX trading will begin when there is enough liquidity in the market.

What is HydraDX (HDX) Altcoin?

Kraken shared the following information about the new altcoin it announced on its platform:

“HydraDX is a community-driven, cross-chain liquidity protocol. The protocol is designed to communicate with independent networks and provide liquidity for cryptocurrencies through a multi-asset trading pool. HDX is the native presence of the platform used to lower trading fees, earn rewards for securing the network through staking, and vote on decisions that affect the future of the project.”

The exchange reported that the altcoin in question will not be listed in the USA, Canada and Japan.

On the official website of the token, the HDX coin listed on Kraken is introduced as follows:

“HydraDX is a next-generation DeFi protocol designed to bring abundant liquidity to Polkadot. Our tool for this job, HydraDX Omnipool, is an innovative Automated Market Maker (AMM) that unlocks unparalleled efficiencies by combining all assets into a single trading pool.

Ending the liquidity divide, HydraDX Omnipool makes trading more efficient than any other AMM. With a lower slippage and fewer interruptions, investors can enjoy capital efficiency gains (which will increase as TVL increases) compared to a typical situation where liquidity is fragmented across different trading pools.”

*Not investment advice.

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