Netherlands to Reduce the Number of Farm Animals

The Netherlands, where Turkey has bought cows many times, has decided to reduce the number of tens of millions of farm animals in the country by 30% in order to reduce nitrogen emissions.

As you know, farm animals release a significant amount of nitrogen to the environment due to the gases in their stomachs. on greenhouse gases have an impact of more than 20% these animals are seen as one of the most influential reasons behind the accelerating global warming.

The Netherlands, one of the biggest meat exporting countries in Europe, decided to take a step on this issue. The Netherlands, which wants to reduce ammonia pollution and nitrogen emissions, to reduce the livestock in the country by 30% decided.

There are currently tens of millions of farm animals in the Netherlands

The first foundations of this decision, which was criticized by farmers but received very positively by environmental organizations, were laid in 2019. The Court noted that the government had not done enough to control the amount of nitrogen, The Netherlands does not comply with European Union legislation. had expressed.

The Netherlands, which wants to take a step towards protecting the environment after the events, 100 million chickens, 12 million pigs, 4 million cows and 600 thousand goats He decided to reduce it by 30%.

In addition to reducing the number of animals, the new plan also includes details such as the expropriation of farmers’ production rights and agricultural lands. The government reacted quite a bit to this issue. so that farmers do not suffer He stated that they could follow the “voluntary purchase” path.

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