Netflix Turkish movie Love Me Much is popular worldwide!

The new Netflix movie by Mehmet Ada Öztekin, the director of Miracle in the 7th Ward love me so muchresounded in the world. Öztekin is the director and screenwriter of the drama-themed social drama film, which was broadcast in 190 countries simultaneously on November 19; in the lead cast Sarp Akkaya, Ercan Kesal, Aleyna Özgeçen and Songul Oden took place.

The weekly Global Top 10 list, prepared by Netflix based on the hours watched per content, was updated on Tuesday. November 15 to November 21 According to the data covering between; in the global market Love Me Instead under the name love me so much, Netflix worldwide this week most popular movies Made it to the list. The company also shared how many hours the movie was watched.

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Members spent 3 million hours this week on Love Me Too

According to the information on Netflix’s Global Top 10 page, the movie “Love Me Much” was released in the week covering November 15-21. 3 million hours watched. Its success has put Mehmet Ada Öztekin’s new project on the same list as the worldwide popular films of the digital broadcasting platform. Love Me Too is now on Netflix 6th most watched non-English film in position.

netflix love me so much
Love Me So Much is ranked 6th on the Netflix Global Top 10 list.

On the other hand, FilxPatrol, which researches the popularity of streaming services in the world, shared information about the popularity status in the first week of “Love Me Much”. Germany, France, Brazil, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait. EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) He stated that his popularity in the region is high.

There are two factors that triggered the success of Love Me Much; The first one, as might be expected, is the director’s signature of Miracle in the 7th Ward. The Miracle in the 7th Ward, which tells the struggle for justice of a father who has the same intelligence as his 7-year-old daughter, is available on the Netflix platform. to 190 countries had opened. Famous football player Neymar also shared the movie, which broke the records in the USA and France.

Aras Bulut Inemli Miracle in the 7th Ward
A shot from Miracle in Ward 7.

The second and most important factor is; Globally for TV series and movies from Turkey increased interest. According to Netflix’s research, foreign users want to visit our country after watching Turkish productions on the platform. Pelin Mavili, Director of Public Relations at Netflix Turkey, said in her statement. Turkey’s global trade and cultural promotion Noting that they contributed, he said:

“We will accelerate our efforts to realize our dreams. We want to produce Turkish productions that will become a worldwide phenomenon from the talented and creative teams of this country. Midnight at Pera Palace, Docile, Hot Head, Love Tactics, Erşan Kuneri, Bird Flight, Yakamoz S-245, Another Self, Lovers’ Day and the movie Berkun Oya, whose name has not yet been announced. But we are making a number of headlines, including but not limited to, that will be announced early next year.”

Pelin Mavili, Director of Public Relations at Netflix Turkey

To briefly touch on the subject of Love Me Much; The film is about Musa, who leaves the prison for a day after 14 years and goes to his hometown, and encounters his daughter, Yonca, for the first time after his birth. Moses will see his ex-wife along with his daughter. However, Musa’s dark past, who has beautiful dreams for the future, unfortunately does not leave him.

So how did you find the movie? Did it meet your expectations? We are waiting your comments.

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