Netflix took action for the computer game!

Netflix It stands out with its series, movies and TV shows. Besides, various mobile games The company that offers it aims to increase its claim in this regard. The company, which has also been providing mobile game services to its subscribers since 2021, has now taken action for larger-scale games.

Netflix begins work on large-scale games

Recently a game department Founding Netflix, with its recent job posting, it has once again shown how serious it is. The acclaimed streaming platform is launching “a brand new AAA (high-profile game)” in Los Angeles. computer gameHe’s looking for someone to lead the work on it.

The first and third person of the person sought for this position shooter gamesExperienced in rapidly prototyping in Unreal Engine as well as ever-evolving “online” games are desired. Also in the job posting Building a world worthy of ‘Netflix’‘ is also emphasized.

Twitter's copyright system is broken!  back to Netflix

Twitter’s copyright system is broken! back to Netflix

Interesting developments continue to occur on Twitter, which has been mentioned frequently in the last period. Finally, the Twitter copyright system is broken.

Expectations from Netflix in this regard are quite high. Netflix’s gaming department overwatchChacko Sonny, former director of . The company also opened a studio in Helsinki, among them the creator of Oxenfree Night School StudioIt has incorporated many developers, including .

Netflix has made many attempts to develop games recently. Significant breakthroughs are expected in the near future. The company has been very popular lately. to FPS games It wouldn’t be surprising if there was an attempt to

Netflix game

On the other hand, even less than 1% of its subscribers participate in the company’s mobile games. On the other hand, the company will develop for other platforms. games On the other hand, it can make Netflix reach more people as well as earn significant money.

Netflix has recently made significant investments in the gaming industry. It seems that the company’s investments will continue in the coming period. What about you Netflix? computer game What do you think about stepping into the industry? You can share your views with us in the comments section.

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