Netflix Series Hellbound Passes 24-Hour Squid Game

The new South Korean series Hellbound, released on Netflix, has begun to shake the throne of Squid Game. The series “Hellbound”, which became the most popular production in more than 80 countries in its first 24 hours, tells about supernatural beings who try to take sinful people to hell.

The world’s most popular online series and movie platform Netflixcaused great interest in South Korean TV series with Squid Game. In fact, many users started watching South Korean productions after Squid Game. Now, there has been a remarkable development. streamed on Netflix a new South Korean production, even surpassed the popularity of Squid Game. At least, in the first 24 hours…

The new South Korean series that has become a phenomenon on Netflix, “HellboundIt is called “. Hellbound, a horror-thriller and drama genre production, also stands out with its fantastic elements. The subject of the series is the pursuit of sinful people and pulling them towards hell. supernatural assets forming.

It became the most watched production in more than 80 countries

According to Hellbound, movie analysis sites it aired within the first 24 hours It has become the most popular production in at least 80 countries served by Netflix. When we look at the data in Turkey; directory for now 4th most popular production We see it become However, we can say that this series will become the most popular Netflix series in Turkey in a few days.


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Directing the series on Netflix Yeon Sang-ho assumed. The director, who made a name for himself with some animated series and the movie Zombie Express, collaborated with Hellbound. will reach the pinnacle of his career. looks like. Names like Yoo Ah-in, Park Sang-hoon, Kim Hyun-joo and Park Jeong-min are the prominent actors of this drama…

You can watch the final trailer for Hellbound below

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