Netflix Series “1899” Allegedly Stolen!

A Brazilian writer claimed that Netflix’s new series 1899 was stolen from his own comic. The author’s comic was published in 2016.

The science fiction series Dark, released by Netflix in 2017, received great acclaim with its concept and especially its scenario. The creative team, which managed to make its name known to the whole world with the series, recently appeared on Netflix again.1899He came to us with a new series called ”.

But recently, a striking claim has been made about the 1899 series. Brazilian writer Mary Cagnin, of the 1899 series; published many years ago it was stolen from the comic suggested.

  • SPOILER ALERT: For those of you who haven’t watched 1899 yet, this is content It can be a SPOILER.

1899 may be stolen from comic book published 6 years ago:

Cagnin made a comparison between the comic book and the series in his post on Twitter. Some of the shared images indicated that the series was indeed an adaptation of the comic book.

To his words “I am in shock. The 1899 series aired in 2016 that my comic is the same as Black Silence I learned.Beginning by saying, Mary cited the depiction of the pyramid in the comic and the pyramid in the TV show:

But that wasn’t the only similarity, of course:

netflix 1899

“The Black Pyramid. Deaths on board/ship. Multinational team. Strange and inexplicable things. The symbols in the eyes and when they appear… It’s all there.

Written rules. Voices calling them. Fine plot details such as the personal dramas of the characters, including their mysterious deaths…”

But how could Netflix or the producers “steal” this comic? The author’s description is as follows:

1899 netflix

“You must be wondering: How is this possible? In 2017, I was invited by the Brazilian embassy to the Gothenburg Book Fair, a very famous and influential international fair in Europe.

I’ve been on panels and distributed Black Silence comics to countless publishers and people in the industry. It’s not hard to imagine my work reaching them.

Not only did I deliver the physical comic, I also had the translated version available in English.


I cried a lot. My dream has always been to be recognized nationally and internationally for my work. It really breaks my heart to see something like this happen. We know we have very few opportunities to show our business and be recognized for it in Brazil.

I had an opportunity that many comics artists never had: to be able to show my work to an international audience. I taught people lessons. There was talk about the plot. I presented this to influential people in the region. The job is serious.

Black Silence is a short work, almost a short story. It’s easy to dilute all these “references” in the 12-hour adaptation of the show, but the gist of my creation is there.”

The author posted the series and the comic for everyone to compare:

After all these words, Mary also shared a digital copy of her comic to leave the verification to the readers. You can access the comic by clicking this link (106 pages PDF).

The author’s explanation made a sound, still no explanation from Netflix. But the creators of the series did not remain silent:

one of the creators of 1899 Baran Bo Odarmade the following statement about the allegations from his Instagram account:

“Unfortunately we don’t know the artist, his work, or his comic. We never steal from other artists as we feel as artists. We’ve reached him, hopefully he’ll take those charges back. The internet has become a weird place.”

Netflix, on the other hand, continues to maintain its silence on the subject.

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