Netflix Releases Access and Manage Devices Feature

Netflix has launched a new feature for its subscribers. This feature called “Manage Access and Devices” provides a list of all devices for which an account has been opened. Users will be able to log out of any device where their account is open, even if they do not have access to that device.

One of the most popular online TV series and movie platforms in the world. Netflixfor a long time By blocking the account sharing system on the agenda. As it is known, in the current situation, several people can come together and use a single Netflix account jointly. Netflix does not want this and As of 2023 will prevent password sharing. The latest developments reveal that Netflix’s work on this issue continues at full speed.

Publishing a post on its official website, Netflix said, “Access and Manage DevicesAccording to Netflix’s statement, this feature allows a user to see all devices on which the account they have is open and to check will provide. In this way, it will also be possible to log out from an unknown or unwanted device.

When password sharing is blocked, you will be able to kick your friends from your account

Netflix offers a new feature to all users. security layer qualifies as. However, this is not the case. The feature in question will enable the Netflix account holder to log out of the devices of their relatives with whom they share their password, when the password sharing feature is activated. Because, if the account owner does not do this, Netflix can randomly log out of the devices with open accounts by detecting password sharing, and the account owner can be kicked out of his own Netfix account. However, since password sharing has not been blocked yet, there is no such risk for now.


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According to Netflix’s statement, the feature called Access and Manage Devices is the platform’s web, iOS or Android added to the version. If you really if you have doubts about security Using this feature, you can view which devices your account is accessed from.

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