Netflix enters the cloud gaming industry

Gearing up to grow in the gaming industry Netflixwants to enter the cloud gaming market. publishing giant, Netflix Games It wants to make the games offered under the name of the company playable through the Netflix application. Here are the remarkable statements of Leanne Loombe, Vice President of Netflix Games.

Netflix Games comes to all platforms with cloud gaming

Netflix’s game service, which was opened in 2021, deals with the series and movies on the main platform. However, previous reports had shown that Netflix games failed to generate the expected interest. Accordingly, only 1 percent of subscribers preferred to play Netflix Games.

Despite this, we know that Netflix has not withdrawn from the gaming industry. In fact, the publishing giant, which wants to explore new opportunities with cloud gaming, announced that its work on the project continues. Speaking on the subject, Games Vice President Leanne Loombe hinted that Netflix games will be available on every platform.

Netflix may file bankruptcy in gaming business

Netflix may file bankruptcy in gaming business

Netflix games failed to generate the expected interest. Only 1 percent of users have played Netflix Games.

“We believe the cloud marketplace will enable us to have easy access to games on any device and hassle-free,” Loombe said in a statement. But we are at a very early stage on this side of our journey.”

You can already test Netflix’s mobile games from the Netflix app. However, you have to download it from the App Store or Google Play to play. But thanks to cloud gaming, it will be possible to play directly from the Netflix application.

Google’s cloud gaming service of Stadia exemplary of the closure of the Vice President, underlined that they do not want to fall victim to a similar disaster.

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