Nauseating Things from the Products in the Market

Insects, etc., are often found in the products sold in these markets, which are located in almost every street. Foreign bodies are threatening our health. There are numerous complaints about this issue on platforms such as Twitter and There are Complaints.

It must have happened to you too, from the products you bought objects such as insects, hair definitely out. Live insects in legumes packages and flies flying in fruit aisles are quite famous (oats and bananas are leading the way). This has been happening more and more lately. With poor production, shipping and storage conditions Insufficient ministry oversight and when the workers combined to work under a lot of pressure, what happened was to our health.

When we mix the oats we bought a few days ago with milk, lots of insects began to float on the surface. After returning it, we wanted to buy oats from a different market about 5 km away, but that too. live insects were swarming inside the package. We also took a look at other oats on the shelves, although they were of different brands, they were in the same condition. Later, when we investigated people’s complaints, we realized that the lack of control in the markets is very serious!

The difficulty of the working conditions in these markets and the confessions of the employees actually give information about the reason for these conditions.


A101 Revolts: Employees Accuse Company of Blood-Crying Allegations

Here are the reflections on Twitter and There are Complaints:

shock market complaint

migraine complaint

a101 complaint

bim oat complaint

rice insect

migros insect oats

oba pasta insect

insect in rice

migros macaroni insect

oat insect

Although legumes are generally sold in infested form, insects can also be seen in different products.

migraine insect


bim jar insect

a101 yogurt bug

The situation is dire for bread.

bread bug


sofa bug

puff pastry bug

It’s not just the little bugs that come out.

snail market

wolf vegetable market

Even cigarettes can come out.

cheerleading butt

Brands now have their own foreign substances.

butt market

It is also possible to see mouse droppings.

mouse droppings snack

Even himself.

a101 mouse

go mouse

mouse in the market

This is our advice to the markets, as in some countries, they can provide a solution by selling the insects in separate packages.

grasshopper in the market

Be yourself, look carefully inside the products you buy. If you encounter a similar situation, file a complaint.