Native Meditation Practice that Increases Libido: Biyaku

The ‘sexual wellness’ application Biyaku, founded by two prominent Turkish names in the mobile world, has been released. The application also managed to receive an investment of 80 thousand dollars over a 1 million dollar valuation before it was published.

Bora Öğünç and Fatma Gamze Kiremitçi, the founders of Pub Story and Hype Up applications, which have reached hundreds of thousands of users, came up with a new application. Developed in the founding partnership of the duobiyaku‘ aims to increase the libido of the users with daily meditations, to help them discover their sexuality and to take them on a journey about their own sexuality.

The application, which takes its name from the Japanese equivalent of ‘aphrodisiac’, includes teachings such as yoga, tao and kegel developed by experts. The app concentrates especially on audio practices and without creating an account It also allows you to take a look at the main features offered.

It reached a valuation of $ 1 million before it was published:

Biyaku over $1 million valuation just before launch 80 thousand dollars investment took. The app aims to reach large audiences, especially in the United States.

“We don’t go after sexual pleasures much”


Speaking to Webtekno, Bora Öğünç emphasized that the issue of Sexual Wellness is a rising value in the world right now, while Biyaku’s problem to be solved shared as follows:

“Today, if an individual is very lucky, they can only receive sexual health education. First of all, sex is a great pleasure, but we don’t go after sexual pleasures much when we change cities after even better doner.

You can take a look at Biyaku, which offers daily practices on sexuality and all the pleasures of life, from the links below, you can access the platform’s Soundcloud account by clicking this link and browse the audio content.

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